Tuesday, August 14, 2012

collaboration # 29 | great expectations

Wow, it's hard to believe almost 6 months have passed without us doing a collaboration. I've missed them but as you can tell, we both have other things on our mind!

I'm due any day now, and Vera is due to pop in October!

left: Rosie
right: Vera

Friday, March 16, 2012

collaboration # 28 | spring dreams

First of all, yes we are still alive!
I can't believe we went through the whole winter without doing a collaboration! I've missed it. But for good reason. BOTH Vera and I are expecting!! So it was a tough winter filled with morning sickness for me and now Vera has been hit with it. But it's spring and with that comes new life!! And inspiration!

Here is collaboration # 28! With the snow melting (gone at my place) and that gorgeous evening light making it's return we were both inspired to get out and shoot again. Spring makes us dream of soft pinks and pastels and warm sunshine!

left: Vera
right: Rosie