Tuesday, August 14, 2012

collaboration # 29 | great expectations

Wow, it's hard to believe almost 6 months have passed without us doing a collaboration. I've missed them but as you can tell, we both have other things on our mind!

I'm due any day now, and Vera is due to pop in October!

left: Rosie
right: Vera


  1. AWWW, congratulations to you both! What excitement!!! My sister is due in December! What are you both having, boy or girl? :))) Also, I must ask, do you use lightroom? And would you guys think of doing a editing tutorial when and if you have any extra time? Which I will completely understand if you don't! :)


  2. How exciting. Congrats to you both! Here's to everything going smoothly...

  3. Congratulations!! You both look stunning! and ps... Rosie I love your wellies!! ;)